Cate Caruso

founded STUDIO C New York in 2014.

After attending The Hotchkiss School and GWU, Cate received her design degree at Parsons School of Design. Thereafter, Cate worked for the boutique high-end residential design firm, Pepe Lopez Design, based in New York City.

STUDIO C New York is purposefully small, enabling us to focus on and curate spaces specifically for each of our clients, their lifestyles or their professional brand. We create homes that are reflective of our clients' state of mind. We create boutiques that exemplify their brand. STUDIO C New York incorporates American and European contemporary artisans and craftsman in every project. We believe in not only supporting the small and individual but also in the quality of product that results from the direct and personalized process. STUDIO C largely focuses on the interior architecture of a space including, kitchens, baths, millwork, tilework and paneling. Our interiors have context because of a juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary gestures that add texture, depth and fluidity to a space.

In turn, Studio C spaces are a result from a direct and personalized process with artisans and clients alike. We are individual, relaxed and sophisticated. We design with studied intention, intuition, humor and the future in mind.

In addition to focusing on her clients' homes, Cate takes time to travel for design-related pursuits and inspiration. Cate had a Creative Partnership with Portico Luxury in 2016 and was name one of Ocean Home’s Top 50 Costal Interior Designers of 2019. Her Greek Rival project in Martha’s Vineyard received three Prism Awards and a BRICC Award. The Modern Bungalow received three International Interior and Architectural Design Awards. Smallbone used our co-collaborated kitchen in their 2017-2018 international ad campaign. Additionally, STUDIO C New York has been featured in the UK Financial Times, Food52, UK House & Garden Kitchen and Bath, on and in New England Home Magazine.



Bath + Kitchen Design
Design Consultation + Spatial Planning
Interior Design
Renovation Project Management + Design